Tall Resin Incense Diffuser


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  • An intricately hand carved square shape incense holder made up of soapstone with multiple holes for holding incense sticks.
  • Burner holds multiple incense stick at a time and ashes will nicely fall into the plate to avoid the unwanted mess. It can be used with 9 Inch tall incense sticks. You can enjoy the delightful scents of incense. It can also hold pillar candle.
  • Artisans work painstakingly and tirelessly for few days to bring out perfectly carved pieces. One wrong stroke and the openwork breaks and they need to discard the block and start all over again. The beauty of this detailed, intricate carving work is the reason for their immense popularity.
  • It makes a beautiful gift for loved ones and an attractive addition for your home and office. | The product is crafted from Natural Soapstone so the color may vary from light to dark.
  • Once incense is burnt please be careful while removing the upper part as it may be hot and it may spill the incense ashes collected inside it.

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