Long Vegan Leather Phone or Handbag Chain

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Vegan Leather Phone Chain

Say goodbye to fumbling through your bag or worrying about dropping your phone. This Cell phone, wallet handbag strap keeps your phone within reach so you can stay connected.

A stylish and lightweight plated aluminum curb chain cellphone strap with interwoven vegan leather secured by two clasps. The chain is long enough to use as a phone chain or purse chain for a fashionable and sophisticated look.

This must-have phone chain comes with a holder tag that can be easily inserted into your phone case, with the hook part sticking out at the bottom of the charge port. This allows you to hang the chain from your phone and carry it with ease. You can easily flip the tab to charge your phone without removing the chain.

Choose from black, pink, white, apple green, blue, chocolate brown, champagne, denim, green, light blue, mustard, orange, royal blue, silver, taupe, turquoise, and ube.

Material: Gold plated aluminum, vegan leather

Size: Approx. 0.38" thick

Length: Approx. 49"

Closure: Double clasp

*Limited item.

Fits both Android and iPhone, as long as the phone case provides a bottom port support.

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